Fieste de Patrie dal Friûl (Fogolâr Fulan Ottawa – 2 aprile, h 14:00)

da | Mar 30, 2017 | Eventi

As in previous years the Fogolâr will organize a Fieste de “Patrie dal Friûl”. This year the celebration will be on April 2, 2017 at St Anthony Soccer Club.

The Program:
2:00PM Greetings and welcome; conference and short film.
Award of the Bon Furlan 2017
3:30PM AGM and elections
4:30PM Family dinner: Spezzattino with polenta, salad, cheese, sweets, coffee.
Wine compliments of the Fogolâr.
Come and share a delicious family meal with your Friulian friends.

Cost: members in good standing for 2017: $20.
Non-Members $ 25.
Children (under12): free

Reservations are required in order to provide the hall with the number of guests.